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    Setup code-server on Ubuntu on a digital ocean droplet

    As I was following the tutorial on the same topic at ( I tried to setup code server like they show on t...
    0 By ironyhAngler VS Code Nginx Ubuntu 20.04
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    Any developer can fix W3 Total Cache to work with Spaces?

    I and a few others would very much like to use a popular caching plugin for WordPress (W3TC) to use DigitalOcean Spaces as an automatically updated CDN. It nearly works with the plugin's S3-compatible configuration, ...
    0 By watou DigitalOcean Spaces CDN WordPress
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    How do I copy a SSH Private Key to my Windows Computer?

    For some reason, Putty wouldn't accept my key. It's probably something I did many months ago. I've generated a new key pair on the terminal as per instructions on this site and they're in my ./ssh directory I need to ...
    0 By Johnk42 Ubuntu 18.04
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    Use spaces for remote development

    Hi, I'm a web developer and I usually works from home (desktop computer) or coworking space (notebook). I have an external USB disk where I store all of my projects. I'm thinking about use DO Spaces as virtual disk en...
    0 By Klian DigitalOcean Spaces
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    How do you use Node.js devDependencies in the App Platform builds?

    How do you use Node.js devDependencies in the App Platform builds? Heroku automatically installs both the dependencies and devDependencies for the app build and then removes the devDependencies after the build is comp...
    0 By Rowno DigitalOcean App Platform Node.js
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    how can i add ssl certificate to my django website??

    I have domain on tmdhosting and pointing to digitalocean host server. I have django website and now after deploy i want to secure it by ssl . but i faced many problems and errors. so how can i add ssl to my web?
    0 By sastadiet Let's Encrypt Security
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    How to use a droplet to redirect incoming traffic to a specific public website?

    How do you configure a droplet thats full purpose is to exclusively take you to a specific website when (anyone) tries to enter the droplet's IP/port into a web search? While also maintaining the IP of the droplet; so...
    1 By 7imontapia DigitalOcean
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    Configure a build command for a Python project without using the web UI

    I'd like to configure a build command for my Python application using configuration in my GitHub repository. (I don't want to use the UI for this because I want to create a template repository that other people can ea...
    2 By swillison DigitalOcean App Platform
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    Digital Ocean Spaces File Handling

    I am using presigned URLs to upload files (urls are generated via Go code), is there a way to enforce a certain content type and make the uploaded file public for reads prior or after upload?
    0 By dtrinh100 DigitalOcean Spaces
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    Is there any solution to doing jwt style logins for apis via mostly static angular/react style apps?

    For App Platform apps, is there any solution to doing jwt (JSON Web Token RFC 7519) style logins for apis via mostly static angular/react style apps?
    0 By jakelevirne DigitalOcean App Platform
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    How to install php7.4-gd in App Platform container?

    Is there a way to install php7.4-gd in the default container build step? I′ve tried: sudo apt-get install -y php7.4-gd Unfortunately I′m getting an error: sudo: effective uid is not 0, is /usr/bin/sudo on a file sy...
    1 By nightillusions DigitalOcean App Platform Docker PHP
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    Do you support wildcard subdomains?

    The domain settings seem somewhat limited right now, and I guess it will evolve. But is there any way to get wildcard subdomains working at this point?
    Accepted Answer: Hi engborg, At the moment we don't support wildcard subdomains. I've taken note of this as a feature request. Best, Moises
    1 By engborg DigitalOcean App Platform
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    RDP connection failed

    Hi , I try every thing for rdp connection . But ? still can not accses my vps server . I can show my vps server on the command promt .But When I want to connect with RDP it give fail report.
    1 By azadavsar Ubuntu 18.04
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    How do you define a custom entrypoint for a PHP application?

    For most PHP applications, the entry point is structured above the root level (i.e. public/index.php, www/index.php, etc). The PHP handler for app platform only looks for an entry point in the root directory. Cannot ...
    1 By morganbreden PHP DigitalOcean App Platform
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    How do you configure Cloudflare to support DO App Platform?

    Deployed new App on DO App Platform Accessing the App generated an error on the browser 526 invalid ssl certificate I fixed it by changed Cloudflare SSL/TLS encryption to Full instead of Full(Strict) Which other setti...
    1 By info112918 DigitalOcean App Platform
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    How to configure DO Spaces With Subdomain?

    I use do spaces on my site without a subdomain. The setup looks like this: DO_SPACES_KEY=key DO_SPACES_SECRET=secret DO_SPACES_ENDPOINT= DO_SPACES_REGION=fra1 DO_SPA...
    1 By Jack9 DigitalOcean Spaces API
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    How to make your Discord bot online 24/7.

    So I made a discord bot, and I'm trying to make it so it stays online all day, and all night. I installed pm2 but when I log off my computer the bot goes back offline. Is there any way to make the bot online 24/7 with...
    1 By edugutierrez2007 JavaScript Java Node.js
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    How to properly link GitHub repositories in App Platform

    We are trying to deploy an app, but the github account link doesn't work properly (at least not in a team/multi user environment). The first user is able to link/install DigitalOcean into the organization (with all re...
    Accepted Answer: I was being stupid. Turns out you need to have DigitalOcean installed in BOTH the organization and your own user. Trying to solve some permission stuff before I removed DigitalOcean from my GitHub user.
    1 By WoLfulus DigitalOcean App Platform Git
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    Will App Platform apps run on a dedicated IP?

    Dynamic IPs can make it difficult to whitelist
    1 By jakelevirne DigitalOcean App Platform
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    Nextjs Export Redirect path without extension to path with .html

    First of all thank you for the release of this product! I have an app nextjs that I export in static and so I have a folder containing all my pages with the .html extension. When the site is loaded and I click on a li...
    2 By saikouah DigitalOcean App Platform